Cambodia National Championship 2017

Working on page July 10, 2017.

Cambodia Karting Circuit Championship

August 6, 2017

Race Format

  • Drivers draw for which kart they will use
  • Heat races 1 and 2 will be 10 laps each
  • The Pre-Final race will be 12 laps
  • Final race will be 15 laps



Heats 1 and 2 starting order will be drawn for Heat 1 and inverted starting order for Heat .

Total points will determine the starting grid for Pre-final.

Final starting grid will be the total point of all heats and Pre-final.

Final results will be ALL heats points, Pre-final points and final race points added up.

so in short´╝îits not final count. its all races points added up to conclude the champ for one race

then overall champ is added points of all 3 final results